TOW The Royal Wedding

Her cell phone rings, Oliver’s picture is in the screen. Her heart rushes a little, she’s not in the lair yet and receiving his call in the middle of the day can never mean a good thing. The way things are now, with him out of the QC and being the vigilante 24/7 while she needs to be at work just like Digg and Roy, this means he’s by his own most at the time, and she doesn’t like the idea of him out there fighting villains without no back up at all.

 “Felicity …” his voice sounded calm but also frustrated, which can be a good thing. She takes a deep breath, “well …” she thinks “… he’s probably not in danger”.

“Oliver! I’m sorry, I know I’m little late but something came out with the office and I had to do some repair in the computers. It was a minor problem, just a simple virus that I totally took care of. I just need to grab my things and I’ll be in the lair in 15 minutes. Is everything okay?” She said while she was turning off the computers in the IT department.

“Felicity, Do you remember what our agreement was about?”

Felicity stopped for a second to think about all the possibilities. There was the call-me-before-you-decide-to-go-on-a-dangerous-investigation-or-something agreement, and the do-not-tell-my-secret-identity-to-any-one-else-Barry-Allen-was-the-last-excepection agreement, and also there was the i-can’t-be-Oliver-Queen-and-The-Arrow-at-the-same-time-we-can’t-do-this-i-can’t-be-with-you-now  agreement. Hard to choose the right one for this situation, she needed more information. “About what exactly?” She asked.

“My update thing” he said while he was rolling his eyes, really regretting the whole idea.

“The Update Mr. Queen  With the Things He Missed While He was on The Island Project …” she correct him.


“Well, I should sum up the most important things that happened around the globe - and the MOST important things only - because it was 5 years and a lot happened and you should know. And that was exactly what I did!” Felicity created a database in his computer with videos, news articles and everything she found out in the internet about - politics, conflicts, wars, music, cinema, sports, technology, etc – those years. She was proud of her work.

“Then why am I watching the full transmission of the royal wedding?”

“Because it’s Prince William’s wedding! And everybody loves Prince William! He’s Princess Diana’s first son and he’s pretty and cute and he fell in love with an ordinary girl, i mean, a commoner, and the wedding was like a fairytale. In fact I used to have a poster of him in my bedroom wall. Who would not like to see his wedding?”

Oliver takes a deep breath, sounding a little more frustrated than he did before.

“oh.” She stopped for second and suddenly everything made sense. “ oh!” She said again. She was so excited about helping Oliver with something that did not involve arrows and bad guys that she didn’t realize The Royal Wedding was not one of the most important things that happened back that year in Oliver’s point of view, well, it barely was a thing for him at all. “Sorry!”

I wanna be fast
I wanna be slow
I want somewhere to go

I wanna be high
I wanna be low
I want it all, you know

I wanna be good
I wanna be bad
I need some satisfaction

I wanna be up
I wanna be down
I need a new direction

Somewhere it’s summer
Somewhere it’s always spring

TOW Oliver can’t let her go

It’s been awhile now, some months have passed since the “I love you” incident. Even though Felicity has managed to act like nothing had changed between them, Oliver couldn’t do the same. He is truly in love with her but he has lost a lot already and he can’t lose her … he just can’t. At this point of his life, Felicity has a big role in it and living in a world without her is just unbearable. But not even Oliver Queen could see this moment coming, and now, standing at her door, all he can think about is how his life is hanging by a thread and he can’t let her go … Felicity can’t go.

He took his motorcycle with just one thing in his head, and it was her, he needed to get to her, talk to her, convince her to stay, he needs her more than anything. The day before, Felicity waited for everybody to go home so she could talk to Oliver alone in their secret lair. She has been going out with Daniel for a couple of months but now it became really serious, he asked her to move to NY with him and she thought “why not ?”. Yeah, it’s just hard when you love someone and they act like a jerk, and well Oliver has been trying to push her away since then, not letting her into their biggest plans to save the city, not being around her as much as possible, and acting like the “old Oliver” and just going out with a lot of girls. When she told him that she was leaving, there was no words in his mouth, only the deep sound of his heart breaking. Felicity knew, just by looking at his face, that Oliver was suffering but he didn’t say anything and waiting was really frustrating, after some minutes staring at each other in silence, she left.
The night was long, Oliver did not sleep. He didn’t know what to do or where to go, he was lost and he didn’t feel like this for awhile because he had Felicity to guide him. What a bitter feeling it is! He couldn’t stop the pain in his chest; he felt like he was drowning, he couldn’t breathe because Felicity took all his air with her. Through the confusion of the words in his mind - her words, his words - hours passed and by the early morning he decided to go after her, because he knew he shouldn’t have let her go in the first place. But right now, looking at her door, he didn’t know what to say - sometimes he regrets using those 3 words to save the city, and this is one of this moments, he was thinking how he could convince her about his feelings now - he froze.

He was standing there when Felicity openned up the door to put the garbage out. “AHHH” she screamed. She was wearing some cute pajamas, and her hair was really messy but that just made her even more gorgeous. She was the most beautiful girl he ever met in life. “OhmygodOliver! You should give a girl some warning!” she said looking really scared, looking at Oliver, wondering why he was there, at her home, her heart stop beating for a second.
“Sorry Felicity, I didn’t mean to scare you” he said, looking just as scared, his heart was freaking out. He never thought that she would open the door this early, in fact he believed she would be sleeping, but what he didn’t know it’s that Felicity did not sleep as well.

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